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Adding Family Members to Your Player Account

By admin, 06/09/20, 1:30PM CDT


How to Add Family Members

We hope everyone is enjoying our new website tools!  Please be aware that the person who registered your player has the control over adding additional family members to your account.  

To add another family member (parent/player/grandparent) to your account for viewing the team schedule, receiving messages, editing your player profile and providing rsvp responses, please follow these instructions.  Parents, ask your kids if you get stuck!!  

(Note:  you can do this from the website or from the phone app.)

1. Sign in and go to your Household tab of your dashboard. 
2. Click on an athlete sub profile.
3. On the right side, under the Guardians header, click the plus sign (+). 
4. Input the Guardian’s email address to invite them.  
5. Toggle which athlete profiles this Guardian should manage. 
6. Click Send Invitation.

Helpful Tip!
The invited guardian will appear on the Guardians tab as "Pending" until they accept their invite in their dashboard. You can resend a guardian invite at any time by tapping Resend next to the Guardian's name. You will receive an email when the Guardian has accepted the invite.