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Player & Parent Testimonials

Hi Coach,

I don’t know if you remember my son, Michael Mann, but he played for you a couple of years ago before we moved to Connecticut.  He’s now a freshman in high school, and a pretty good catcher and hitter.  He wants to play in college and beyond.  

Michael still talks about playing for the Texans.  He liked the way you got in his face.  To this day, he prefers coaches who instill discipline in the players, versus the “softies”.  

I figure you don’t usually hear from players who leave the program, but I wanted you to know that you had a very positive influence on Michael. Thank you.


Texans Coaches,

I wanted to express my gratitude and respect for you and your program.  As you know, I am the father of a 16U player for the Fort Bend Texans and he has been a part of your program for almost three years.  After he completed his last year of Little League and upon the dissolution of his USSSA select baseball team, I was fortunate to locate the Fort Bend Texans program as a way for him to continue to play select baseball and improve his baseball skills.

From the beginning of his involvement and training with your organization, I have noticed his evolution as a baseball player.  In my opinion, this is a direct benefit of the instruction and mentorship that he has received from you and your philosophy on which the program is founded.  This philosophy, which focuses on player development, knowledge of the game, and player responsibility, has served my son well and is a major factor in helping him achieve his goal of playing for his high school baseball team.  To your credit, you have focused on measuring your success not by counting wins and losses, but by the success and accomplishments of your players once they graduate from your program.  Thank you for instilling in my son, his teammates, and those kids who continue to play for you, a passion for the game and the skills needed to progress to the next level.

Go Texans,

Harold Barber

Hey Coach Brian.

Mark Tate (Derek's dad) here. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to recognize one of your coaches, Alex Curras, for demonstrating strong character. An opportunity arose at the ball park this evening to gently test Alex on a situation and see how he would respond. I'm pleased to say that he took ownership and displayed great character.

I'm thankful to have my son be mentored and coached by young men of character like Alex. I let Alex know this and just wanted to let you know of my appreciation as well.  

Have a great night coach and thanks for all you do for our boys.

Dear Coach Carter and Coach Williams,

Thank you so much for your guiding and coaching of AJ through the years!  He thinks very highly of you both!  In case you haven’t heard, he was named MVP of the district, selected for 1st team all district as a pitcher, and was selected to play on the Southwest 5A Allstars team next week at Rice!  What a wonderful way to end his high school season and prepare for college.  Your encouragement, wise words, and training have significantly helped to mold him into the young man/athlete he is today.  Thank you again!


Janell Glasshof

Texans Coaches,

As a family, we have familiarity with the Texans and experience with their approach – and are pleased with it.  It has not always been easy or positive – we as parents have had to grow as we watch our player develop more independence in the game.  I know that the leadership of this organization is well grounded and views the sport experience as a means of helping young men and women to be “all they can be”, to be better prepared for the game at the “next level” – whatever that level may be – and sees the playing field as a great environment to help build life skills – through the success and trials of competition.  This phase of transition for players – from the league experience – to the high school game (i.e. stepping out on a field with 40 players competing for playing time and not a team of twelve, etc.) is a bench-mark period of growth.  There are struggles that on-field professional coaches can help the players through that would not be as well received from me as dad.

Getting into a system where the players are exposed to position-specific work-outs as well as team work-outs, paced through drills like they will be at the high school game, put through conditioning drills, in situations where they are working with former college and professional instructors and playing at higher competitive levels will help them grow as players beyond what you can accomplish in a single-team format.  After two years of experience with this approach in the world of baseball, I can definitely see a difference in the young men who took this approach and those who remained with individual teams as they come back together for Mickey Mantle (high school summer) ball. 

Joe Page

Coach Carter and Coach Brian - 

I just wanted to send to you an email to let you know that I made the Travis Sophmore baseball team. I wouldn't have done it without all of the reps and opportunity you gave me. Thank you for being my coaches for the few years and teaching me what I needed to learn so I could make the team. See you for summer ball after the high school season is over.

Thank you again.

Zachary Zaffuta